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CHARLIE P Young, upcoming artist by the name of Charlie P is a Reggae/Roots/Dub singer from Essex, England and in the start of his music career, has already made a big impact in the Reggae scene. He is currently touring the world and has worked with big people in the scene such as Dubateers, Second 2 None, Kenny Knots, Biga Ranx, Ranking Joe, The Goldmaster All-Stars, Michael Profit, Jah Tubby, Earl 16, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Iration Steppas, Bush Chemists, Conscious Sounds, King General, OBF Sound System and many, many more. Charlie P has been singing since the very young age of 5, he started off as a Motown/Blues singer, but quickly realised his real love was Reggae music. He joined a band called Goldmaster All-Stars at the age of 11 and his passion for Reggae soon turned into a well known talent. Charlie P stayed with the Goldmaster All-Stars until he was 13, until he met Nick Dubateers, a man who owned a local sound system in his town. Nick Dubateers soon noticed Charlie's talent and took him to Conscious Sounds studio to record music. These songs were released on vinyl and Charlie P was soon known internationally as a big Reggae singer and was regularly getting booked for studio sessions and performances around the world and still is to this day. He is performing regularly in different countries, festivals and big venues such as, Outlook Festival in Croatia, the biggest Dubstep/Reggae festival in the world and many big Reggae venues. Charlie P has recently released his first album 'Hustle' with The Dubateers on iTunes and CD and is already working on his second album.