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Información de ATB

Ranked number one DJ in the world on The DJ List, ATB is a German electronic musician, producer and DJ. Given the birth name Andre Tanneberger, ATB has been creating music since he obtained a synthesizer and computer back in 1992. A year later in 1993, ATB, then known as Andre Tanneberger, joined a dance music group known as Sequential One. Sequential One was popular in Germany and other countries for most of the 1990s. In 1999, though, the band officially broke up and Tanneberger began his first solo project called ATB. All together, ATB has released eight studio albums including 1999's Movin' Melodies, 2003's Addicted To Music and 2009's Future Memories, and one compilation album named Seven Years 1998-2005 which was a collection of hit singles from that era. From these albums came many singles including "Feel You Like A River", "You're Not Alone" and "I Don't Wanna Stop", and all of ATB's songs are heavily influenced by the trance genre of electronic music.