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Information of Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is an indie rock band that hails from Portland, Oregon. Although originally formed in 1993 by current members Isaac Brock, Eric Judy and Jeremiah Green, it wasn't until a few years later in 1996 that the band released their debut album This Is A Long Ride For Someone With Nothing To Think About. Since the release of their first album, Modest Mouse has went on to release 4 more studio albums including the popular 2004 Grammy nominated album Good News For People Who Love Bad News, the album that included their best selling hit to date "Float On". Modest Mouse's music is full of deep and meaningful lyrics set to haunting and occasionally upbeat musical sounds that when combined together create truly beautiful, thoughtful and poetic songs. Today, Modest Mouse continues to create innovative new music to play in concert while on tour or at a music festival to a crowd of loyal fans that grows in numbers with each passing year. This is the music video for the second single off the Modest Mouse album Good News For People Who Love Bad News , "Ocean Breathes Salty".