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Information of Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum is a contemporary British jazz-pop singer and songwriter. Jamie Cullum was born in 1979 in Rochford, United Kingdom. Cullum is also a widely appreciated multi-instrumentalist who can play piano, keys, guitar, bass and drums. Since 2010, Jamie Cullum has hosted his own radio program on the prestigious BBC Radio 2 station. In 1999, Jamie Cullum self-released his first full-length studio album called Heard It All Before. The album was released in a limited edition run of five hundred copies. In addition, he made his first album for less than one hundred dollars. The album has become a rare item. Moreover, because this record was released on limited vinyl, it goes for more than a thousand dollars on eBay. Jamie Cullum has released six official full-length albums and is currently writing new material for his seventh studio offering. Further, Jamie Cullum's 2013 record, Momentum has expanded his musical interests and combined both jazz and pop styling for the album's production quality. His music has been described by critics as crossover jazz, swing, pop, melodic soul and fusion. Lastly, Jamie Cullum has quickly become one of Great Britain's most accomplished and critically acclaimed singers of the 21st Century.