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Inna is a Romanian pop star who has been steaming up the world of pop music ever since the 2008 release of her debut single "Hot". Born in Romania on October 16, 1986, Inna grew up in a household that had a great love for music. When Inna was a child, both her mother and grandmother would often sing for clubs and parties. Because of this, Inna received the full support of her family when she decided to try and make a living as a musician. At the age 16, Inna was already impressing those in the music industry with her singing abilities, and in 2007 she had her first record deal. When "Hot" came out a year later, Inna was instantly catapulted into pop rock stardom, first in Romania and then worldwide. In total, Inna has released three albums, Hot, I Am The Club Rocker and Naughty, and she is considered to be one of the world's most influential pop stars.