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Information of Chevelle

Named for the band members' love of fast cars, Chicago area alternative metal band Chevelle has been creating hard rocking music since recording The Blue Album demo in 1994. Chevelle started out playing in concert to small crowds around the Chicago area and has since then gone on to find worldwide success with albums like 2002's Wonder What's Next, 2004's This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) and 2007's Vena Sera. These and other Chevelle albums have created chart topping alternative rock hits like "I Get It", "Send The Pain Below", "Closure" and "Face To The Floor" and both Chevelle's hard rocking albums and hit songs have earned them legions of adoring fans worldwide. Chevelle began their career by playing live shows and performing live on stage is still something that the boys of Chevelle love to do and this is evident by the numerous shows they have played while on tour to promote their albums. They have played alongside other alternative metal bands like Disturbed, Sevendust and Filter, and even landed a co-headlining spot on the popular rock festival extravaganza known as Ozzfest back in 2003. Here is the music video for the single "I Get It" off Chevelle's 2007 album Vena Sera.