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Brian Adams a Thrill of 80's Brian Guy Adams was born in Kingston Ontario November 5, 1959. Adams parents were british immigrants and due to his fathers work he spent most of his childhood moving around. In the late 70's Adam met up with Jim Vallance who had written songs for a Canadian band and had left the band scene. The two decided to join forces and write music together and Adams would sing. Beginning his tour in the mid 80's he was one of the most successful concert artist well known for appearing in his white t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. With his electric guitar always in hand his raspy voice swooned America. Bryan Adams has contributed to many platinum albums in the height of his career from the mid 80's to early 90's. His festival of chart topping singles that were included in many major motion pictures singled him out as an unoriginal rocker, however his unoriginality made him the star he is today. During the end of the 90's Bryan Adams music had fallen off track and he became greatly identified by his work in movies. A divine muscian and music video maker, Brian Adams was and still is a major heart throb to the ladies that swoon over his love songs. He has written many beutiful love songs for Celine Dion which have always went to the top of the charts within a day of release. Bryan Adams a singer, song writer, and movie producer still steals the hearts with his past music to this very day.