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Grammy Award winning artist Beck is a true artist who uses an eclectic mix of art, ironic and poignant lyrics, and innovative musical sounds to create memorable songs and albums that are adored by many. He first gained recognition in the music world with his 1994 hit Loser, which is a song full of nonsensical lyrics that was initially created as a joke between Beck and a friend. From 1994's Mellow Gold to 2008's Modern Guilt, Beck's music is a continuously evolving sound that is constantly changing into something new and different which each new album he releases. During the time of the enormous popularity of Beck's hit Loser, he was considered to be a one hit wonder, but he proved his true musical mastery when he released his follow up album Odelay, which is considered by some to be his greatest musical achievement. Beck is an innovative, truly unique artist who continues to make relevant albums full of groundbreaking sounds, and he is arguably one of the best musicians to come out of the music world in the past 30 years. Beck is a musical artist who always manages to sell out in concert on every tour he has embarked on. Although his albums are works of art to be admired, Beck's quirky personality truly comes alive when he sings and dances on stage. It could be said that if you've never heard Beck, you are missing out on some really innovative music so if you have been missing out and would like to experience the musical genius known as Beck, here is the music video for one of his most recent songs "Girl".