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Fill in the following fields with the name of the concert/festival for which you want to recover the tickets, as well as the email account with which you made the purchase. Your tickets will be automatically re-sent to the same email. If you still can't find them after checking your 'inbox' and 'spam' folders, contact us at contact us.

User FAQs

My Profile
How do I change my ticket names?
I have entered an incorrect email and that is why I don't receive the tickets. What can I do?
I have forgotten my password
How do I cancel my account?
How do I update or change my account information?
I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
I want to register on Wegow. How do I do it?
Ticket Purchase
I bought my tickets and they haven't arrived.
When entering my card details, and after a long wait, the purchase is not made. What do I need to do?
Has my purchase been completed successfully?
Where do I see my purchases?
Where do I receive my tickets?
When will I get my ticket refund?
The card I used for the purchase no longer exists.
Doubts Entries
I would like to change the type of input. How do I do that?
Can I change the date of my ticket?
Do I need to print my tickets?
How can I give tickets as a gift?
Why are management fees charged? Why aren't management fees refundable?
What do I need to present to enter the concert or festival?
What happens if I don't have a smartphone to show my QR codes for my tickets?
Cancellations and Postponements
My concert has been postponed. What do I need to do?
My concert has been cancelled. What do I have to do?
How do I request a refund? Refund Policy
My concert has been postponed but there is still no new date. What options are there?
Why aren't management fees refunded?
I have not received the notification of delay or cancellation.
Promoter FAQs
Are you a promoter? Upload your event!
How do I create my event?
My concert/festival is already underway.
Control the status of sales at any time. REPORT
Request the settlement of your event
When do I receive payment?
Ticket Insurance
Are you an artist? Manage your profile.

Within this section you can create your profile or update it if it is already created in our platform.

What is it for?
How do I create an artist profile?
I see my profile is already created. Why?
Do you have a concert hall?
What is it for?
How do I create a Room Profile?

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