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Aún no tenemos conciertos de esta sala, síguela para
poder notificarte cuando los tengamos

Aún no tenemos conciertos de esta sala,
como ya sigues esta sala, te notificaremos cuando los tengamos


Once a launderette, snooker hall and even a little theatre, the Bull & Gate is now well known
as a popular music haunt for new and developing original bands and artists of all shapes, sizes and styles.
The current promoter Phil Avey AVEY PROMOTIONS has been booking bands for the Bull and Gate
for the last ten years which has earned him a great reputation in the London music scene.

Establishing itself as Camden Towns favourite musical outpost in the mid 80\'s, the Bull & Gate has harboured
many different promoters and performers over the years. The Timebox compilation album is a vinyl testimony to this.
Released by Timebox and Carter USM sidekick Jon \'Fat\' Beast in 1986,
it gave many Bull and Gate performers their first exposure on vinyl - Stump,Blyth Power + Stitched Back Foot Airman to name a few.
More recently the Full Strength label surfaced from the Interspace promoters.
This label dealt with the more leftfield acts featured at the venue in recent times and received acclaim
for split vinyl releases by cult circuit groups like Brain Of Morbius, Diary, Ricky Spontane and Finlay.
The Bull and Gate has always been about giving people a fair chance and welcomes all styles, provided the music is original.


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