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Aún no tenemos conciertos de esta sala, síguela para
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Aún no tenemos conciertos de esta sala,
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The magic of Michael Charles reveals a lifetime of musical and career accomplishments which span the decades and the oceans.
Born in Australia with a soul full of blues, Charles did not “choose” music, music chose Michael Charles, so by age twelve MC took to the stage and to the road . Learning from the “masters” the foundation was laid solid for building his own design of blues and blues rock. With MC’s wild, raw, but miraculously controlled guitar performances, his instrument is always kept forefront and the focal point of the show as he gives out every ounce of energy through songs from his 26 releases.
The move to America in 1990 satisfied a long-time personal deep interest in the USA and answered a calling from the management of MC’s hero, Buddy Guy, to appear at Legends. As with many decisions in his life, he made it and never looked back.
Along with the stage, Charles is no stranger to radio, television, and press. His music and remarkable life story have been the feature of many presentations. In the awards category MC has been recognized by the Grammy’s electing him in six different Grammy years, including the 52nd Grammy awards year in 2010 as well as the 53rd for 2011, for numerous categories for his CD releases which to date number twenty-six.
At the present time Michael travels his Road Dawg 2012 tour which will take him to the far corners of the USA and Canada . The 2012 Road Dawg Tour promises a multitude of concerts and publicity appearances as MC performs a whole new list of cities, festivals, and nightspots and revisits some favorite venues from the last four tours


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