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Aún no tenemos conciertos de esta sala, síguela para
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Aún no tenemos conciertos de esta sala,
como ya sigues esta sala, te notificaremos cuando los tengamos


The mission of The Acton Jazz Café:
To present and to support the highest quality regional live music in an intimate and interactive atmosphere.
To be a comfortable, attractive and affordable meeting place for its patrons.
To provide a space that is conducive to conversation, to fine and nourishing dining, to the imbibing of quenching beverages, to the enjoyment of music, and to dancing.
To support a community of all ages of professional and non-professional musicians, and to provide a stage for growth, networking, experimentation and performance.
To serve the community that supports it in as many creative ways as possible.
To provide an honest and reasonable living to its full and part time staff.
To survive and to stay true to these ideals into the future,
despite the inevitable changes in our economy and political situation.
To promote and support the ideal of worldwide peace at a community level.
To join together with our friends in celebration of the best that we all have to offer, and to add something tangible to a dream of a more creative and festive life for everyone.


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