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Legal information

Wegow Technologies, SL Website, based in Bilbao, Spain. Calle Rodriguez Arias num 51, Entreplanta dcha. 48013 Bilbao; Proved of CIFB86767761, inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 31305, folio 81, leaf number M563489 (hereinafter referred to www.wegow.com the Website)


These General Conditions regulate the access and use, by any natural person (hereinafter, the User or Users) of the Website as well as the contents and services included therein.

The use of certain services offered to the Users through the Website may be subject to particular conditions that, as the case may be, replace, complete and / or modify these General Conditions. Therefore, prior use of such services, the User must also read carefully and accept the corresponding particular conditions.

The use of the Website implies the full acceptance by the User of the provisions included in the General Conditions and in any other policy that results from application, in the version published by WEGOW at the time the User accesses the Website.

The purpose of WEGOW is to provide a community between users.

In this sense, through the website, WEGOW aims to offer an intelligent and user-friendly concert schedule, in which you can meet the interests of your contacts and actively participate in the realization of concerts on demand.

WEGOW connects Users with their contacts through their musical tastes and events of common interest. WEGOW offers a catalog of musical events held in different cities in Spain providing access to the platforms that work the ticketing of such events.

WEGOW collects the demand of all its users to generate a cultural offer according to it. There is an activation of concerts through the demand data of the Users. Said claim is collected on the WEGOW platform in specified sections for this purpose. The User will always have the ability to make changes.

When a User declares his interest in a specific artist, WEGOW is responsible for providing the User with information via e-mail about the musical events in which he is related. The object is to facilitate the access to the information of the live music that interests the User.

In the WEGOW Concert modality, in coordination with all the intervening agents in the production of concerts, WEGOW establishes a minimum budget for the confirmation of the event. The users make the purchase of the tickets prior to the production of the event for which they are offered with advantageous conditions.

When WEGOW makes the sale of all the localities put up for sale, the concert is confirmed and the sales segment is started until the capacity of the selected establishment is reached.

In case the minimum sales level is not reached, the concert is not confirmed and as a result WEGOW undertakes to return the full amount of the sales made in the pre-production phase.

WEGOW is in continuous evolution and development of new tools that contribute value to the Registered User in WEGOW.

WEGOW Services

Currently, WEGOW makes available to the Users, through the Website, among others, the following services:

1. User registration for free on the WEGOW websites through the user registration process, to activate the concert schedule.

2.Edit all user data as well as cities of interest, access password.

3.Services and tools for the management of the search of concerts and festivals.

4.Page personalized profile page on the platform with private information.

5. Automatically update music preferences and friends related to them.

6.Service of recommendations of customized musical events based on the musical tastes of the User manifested through the platform Facebook, Spotify, Itunes and the Web site of WEGOW.

7. Automatic and free reception of information related to the artists that the User has indicated are of interest, electronically.

8. Electronic promotional communications service on the artists that the user has indicated are of interest.

The services provided by WEGOW through the Website are not intended for Users under 14 years of age. By making use of the services, the Users express and guarantee that they are at least 14 years old.

Users between the ages of 14 and 18 must inform their parents or legal guardians about the use of the Website and the services they intend to carry out as well as when transmitting information to third parties with whom they have contacted through the Service .

Certain services may be restricted to Users older than 18 years. Such limitation shall be established in the particular conditions governing that service.

Some of the services accessible through the Website may depend on and / or interact with other websites, platforms and services owned and / or managed by third parties, so it is possible that Users must register on such third party platforms and provide certain information in order to access the services. Users’ use of the websites, content, data, information, applications, platforms, goods, services or materials of third parties shall be governed by the conditions and policies of said third parties. WEGOW does not assume any type of obligation or responsibility in relation to them.

Registration on the Website and Privacy

WEGOW conditions the use of most of its services to the previous fulfillment of the corresponding registration of the User on the Website.

The User must select the identifier (ID or login) and the password of his account committing himself to keep it and to use it with due diligence.

The use of the password is personal and non-transferable, not allowing the transfer, even temporarily, to third parties. In this sense, the User must adopt the necessary measures for the custody of the password selected by him, avoiding the use of the same by third parties. Consequently, the User is solely responsible for the use of his password, with complete indemnity for WEGOW.

the event that the User knows or suspects that third parties are making use of their password on the Website, you must make such circumstance known to WEGOW as soon as possible to the e-mail address info@wegow.es

The said registration will be done in the form expressly indicated in the service itself. All information provided by the User through the services must be truthful. To these effects, the User guarantees the authenticity of all the data that he / she communicates as a consequence of completing the forms necessary for the subscription of the Services. Likewise, the User that registers guarantees that he is older than 14 years.

Likewise, it will be the responsibility of the User to keep all information provided to WEGOW permanently updated in a way that responds, at any time, to the actual situation of the User. In any case, the User will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the prejudices caused to WEGOW or third parties for the information provided.

By registering on the Website, Users authorize and consent to the sending by WEGOW of information (both on changes and updates related to the Website, and on activities, products, services, WEGOW offers etc.) through i) (ii) messages sent by WEGOW by electronic means to the email accounts associated with the accounts of the WEGOW Users, (iii) SMS messages and / or (iii) calls to mobile phones provided by the User. This information may be segmented depending on the information provided by users (age, location, among others), with the aim of providing a personalized service to the User and sending information that may be relevant to him.

All data collected through the Website will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

User Obligations

The user accesses the website under his sole responsibility.

The User undertakes to make diligent use of the Website and the services accessible from it, with full subjection to the Law, the good customs and the present General Conditions and, as the case may be, particular conditions, as well as maintaining the due respect to the other Users.

The User is also obliged to respect the applicable laws and the rights of third parties when using the contents and services of the Website. Likewise, the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means and in any form, of the contents of the Website (texts, designs, graphics, information, databases, sound and / or image files, logos , etc.) and other elements that compose the Website, unless prior authorization of its legitimate owners or where permitted by law.

In particular, the User is prohibited from performing the following actions:

1. Use mechanisms, software or scripts in relation to the use of the Website.

2. Block, overwrite, modify or copy, unless it is necessary for the correct use of the services of the websites. For example, copying using standard search engine technologies

3. Disseminate, publish or reproduce contents from Wegow, users or third-parties, without the previous authorization of the rights holder.

4. Any action that is detrimental to the functionality of the WEGOW infrastructure, especially to overload it.

5. Use any of the materials and information contained in this Website for unlawful purposes and expressly prohibited in these General Conditions, as well as the particular conditions that, if any, are enabled ..

6. Any action which, in any event (including the introduction or dissemination of

7. Encourage and participate in conduct that violates laws, rules, regulations, judicial or governmental orders or treaties of local, national or international scope, and which may give rise to civil liability or infringe intellectual property rights, property, privacy, moral, image or otherwise, whether by WEGOW or any other person or entity.

8. To encourage or participate in conduct that may be harmful to WEGOW, the services provided by WEGOW or its image, name and reputation.

9. Publicizing, offering or distributing pornographic products or violating child protection laws.

10. Disturbing other Users (especially through spam)

11. Use legally protected content (eg by law relating to intellectual property, trademarks, patents, utility models or aesthetic models) without the right to do so.

12. Encourage actions that are contrary to free competition, including those aimed at attracting progressive customers (such as chain, snowball or pyramid schemes).

13. Use of services for commercial or business purposes, including, but not limited to, barter transactions, pyramid schemes, advertising, marketing, supply of goods or services, or use of data or materials obtained through the services or through of them, regardless of whether they obtain financial benefits or any other type of compensation and that uses links to other websites.

14. To impersonate another person or entity, including an employee of WEGOW, to lie about your relationship with another person, entity or facilitated content.

WEGOW may cancel a User account and / or prevent or prohibit the access of a User to the services if it determines that, in its judgment, said User has breached these General Conditions. In the same way, WEGOW reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action against any person or entity that, in WEGOW’s opinion, breaches or may breach the provisions of these General Conditions, and may report the facts to the authorities . On the other hand, WEGOW may access, store and disclose the information of the Users’ account or register as well as any other content or information, if it is legally obliged to do so or if it considers in good faith that such access, conservation or disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with a court proceeding, (b) enforce compliance with these General Conditions, (c) respond to allegations that any content or information violates the rights of third parties, (d) respond to requests for technical support or customer service, or (e) protect the rights, property or personal safety of WEGOW its Users or third parties.

The User shall be solely liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may be caused to WEGOW as a result of breach of any of the obligations, prohibitions or restrictions contained in these General Conditions or in the legislation that results from application and shall indemnify and hold WEGOW harmless from any claim, damage, debt, loss, fine, penalty, costs and expenses incurred by WEGOW, where such situations arise from Users’ failure to comply with said obligations, prohibitions or restrictions.

Content provided by the user and / or by third parties

In certain sections of the Website and the services provided through it, Users and / or third parties may publish content (information, opinions, images, etc.) and / or send them through the Website.

Users and / or third parties that disseminate, present, publish or send content to WEGOW through the Website and / or email, declare that they are the owners and have the peaceful use of all intellectual and industrial property rights thereon and grant WEGOW an unlimited, worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, sublicensable license to use, reproduce, distribute, display, display, represent, publish, broadcast, transmit, modify, use to create derivative works, adapt, reformat , translate and generally exploit all or any part of said content (in any form), on the Website or on any other website, channel, service and distribution platform, without WEGOW contracting for any reason obligation with the user.

The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the content provided by the Users and / or third parties is the sole responsibility of the same.

WEGOW does not allow the distribution, management or communication of content that impairs the quality of the service. The provision of content is prohibited:

1. That they are allegedly unlawful by national, Community or international regulations or that they carry out activities that are alleged to be unlawful or that contravene the principles of good faith.

2. That they do not meet the quality parameters established in WEGOW.

3. That they violate the fundamental rights of the people, lack the courtesy in the network, annoy or can generate negative opinions in our Users or third parties and in general any content that WEGOW considers not appropriate.

4. In general, they contravene the principles of legality, honesty, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of public order, protection of privacy, consumer protection and intellectual and industrial property rights .

In addition, WEGOW reserves the right to remove, without prior notice from the Website, any content deemed inappropriate to the characteristics and purposes of WEGOW.

WEGOW will do everything reasonably possible to monitor the legality of the content that the Users communicate through the Website. However, since it is not possible to have absolute control over these contents, the User will be solely responsible for the contents that he publishes or communicates through the Website. In particular, WEGOW can not be held responsible for editorial, and expressly states that it is not identified with any of the opinions that the Users may issue through the services, whose consequences are entirely responsible for the issuer thereof.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the contents inserted and published are periodically reviewed to ensure WEGOW’s quality principles and the standards set forth herein.

WEGOW can not control all information that a User shares with other Users and therefore is not responsible for that information.

However, if any User is aware that there is information or content on the Website that may be undue and contrary to the General Conditions, particular conditions, privacy policies or any other applicable regulations, you should contact WEGOW by sending an email to info@wegow.es

Any User who inserts content that contravenes the current legality must know that he must assume responsibility for the damages and consequences derived from it.

WEGOW may remove from the Website illegal or allegedly illegal content without prior notice.

Invite a friend

WEGOW Users will be able to invite friends to join WEGOW. Simply send an invitation to your email via WEGOW’s automatic invitation system. This invitation is a simple vehicle that WEGOW makes available to Users so that they can offer their contacts the possibility to register in WEGOW.

WEGOW will send the invitation on behalf of the User, quoting you on the return address and in the body of the message. By sending this invitation the User declares, under your entire responsibility that you know the recipient of the invitation.

The recipient of the invitation will have to accept it and comply with the registration process in order to use the services.

WEGOW will not use the data included in the invitation and especially the recipient’s email account that will be used exclusively for sending the invitation. WEGOW will not carry out any further storage or processing of that email address.

Users will respond to the recipients if there is any type of claim against WEGOW for the sending of the invitations.

Responsibilities and Limitations

WEGOW makes every effort to avoid errors in the contents that are published in Website. All the contents that are offered through the Website are updated, WEGOW reserving the power to be able to modify them at any time. WEGOW is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from errors in the content provided by third parties, which may appear on the Website. Consequently, the User assumes under its sole responsibility the consequences, damages or actions that could derive from access to the contents of the Website as well as its reproduction or dissemination.

WEGOW does not guarantee nor is responsible for:

1. The continuity of the contents of the Website and / or the lack of availability or accessibility of the Website or technical continuity thereof;

2. The absence of errors in the contents and / or products;

3. The absence of viruses and other harmful components on the Website or on the server that supplies it;

4. The invulnerability of the Website and / or the imprecisability of the security measures adopted therein;

5. In its case, the lack of utility or performance of the contents, products and / or services of the Website;

6. The damages or damages that causes, also or to a third party, any person who violates the conditions, rules and instructions that WEGOW establishes in the Web Site or through the violation of the security systems of the same one;

7. Any other damages that may be caused by reasons inherent in the malfunctioning or malfunctioning of the Website or of the websites to which links may have been established.

However, WEGOW declares that it has taken all necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of technology, to guarantee the operation of the Website and to prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to Users.

As has been pointed out in previous sections, through the Website, users may contract third-party services and use other platforms. WEGOW assumes no responsibility for third-party services and business practices (including its privacy policies), regardless of whether the third party services include logos, brands, names and / or sponsorships or other identification of WEGOW services. If Users use third-party services requesting personal information, WEGOW will not assume any responsibility for the use, obtaining or disclosure of information by or relating to such third-party services.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The texts, designs, images, audio, databases, logos, structure, brands and other elements that make up the Website are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of WEGOW and / or third parties who have authorized them duly its inclusion in the Website either by sending the registration form or by the agreements of assignment of rights of exploitation that these have stipulated with WEGOW.

Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, communication to the public, or any other exploitation of all or part of the contents of this Website, carried out in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, are strictly prohibited without authorization in writing by WEGOW or third parties. Any violation of these rights may lead to corresponding civil or criminal extrajudicial or judicial proceedings.

WEGOW does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its intellectual property rights or any other property or right related to the Portal, services or contents thereof.

Related Links

Any hypertextual, deep link, framing, or any other type of virtual connection through telecommunication networks from any Web Site or URL (“links”) to the Website, must be previously authorized and in writing by WEGOW, link in any case to your home page.

WEGOW declines any responsibility regarding the contents of the links to third-party websites contained in the Website or the damages or errors that, due to any virus present when accessing or using them, may suffer from computer systems (hardware and software). software).

Application of these General Conditions

WEGOW reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the design, presentation and / or configuration of the Website, as well as some or all services, and to add new services. The temporary validity of these General Conditions coincides, therefore, with the time of their exposure, until they are totally or partially modified, at which time the modified conditions will become effective.

WEGOW may terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time without prior notice, access to the Website and / or any of its web pages, as well as to the products and / or services contained therein, without possibility on the part of the User to demand compensation. After such termination, the prohibitions, limitations and restrictions of use set out above in these General Conditions shall remain in force.

As already mentioned, these General Conditions do not constitute all the rules applicable to the activity of the Website. Specifically, WEGOW may offer or provide services through the Website which will also be subject to their own particular conditions, in which case they will be communicated to the Users in advance. The participation in each one of the activities or the reception of the services subject to particular conditions will in any case be proof of the complete and total acceptance of these. In these cases, the General Conditions will be applied in all that is not regulated in the particular conditions and that is not contradictory. In case of discrepancy or contradiction between the established in these General Conditions and the particular conditions that, in their case, they can be established with respect to the services offered on the Website, the provisions in the particular conditions shall prevail.

In the event that any provision or provisions of these General Conditions are deemed void or unenforceable, wholly or in part, by any Court, Court or competent administrative body, said nullity or inapplication shall not affect the other provisions of the General Conditions or the particular conditions that may have been established.

The non-performance or non-performance by WEGOW of any right or provision contained in these General Conditions will not constitute a waiver of the same, unless acknowledgment and agreement in writing by its part.

Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

These General Conditions are subject to the Spanish legal system.

For the resolution of any conflict that could derive from access to the web page, the User and WEGOW agree to submit expressly to the courts and tribunals of the city of Bilbao.

WegowTickets Terms and Conditions

The use of this Website is subject to the conditions set out below.


1.WegowTickets SL with address at Calle Rodriguez Arias num 51, Entreplanta dcha. 48013 Bilbao and CIF B95878088. Contact e-mail info@wegow.es is a company belonging to Wegow Technologies, SL, with CIF B86767761.

2. Event promoters upload their events under their responsibility and undertake to provide truthful information.

3.Wegow Technologies, SL through its partnership WegowTickets, is the owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website. Reproduction or transmission of the content of this Website is permitted solely for informational or informative purposes, quoting the source.

4.Wegow Technologies, SL is committed to make good use of the data of the Organizer and of the buyers. These will be incorporated into a file registered with the AEPD.

5. You can exercise the rights of LOPD and contact for any matter relating to these general conditions of use at: info@wegow.es

6.In the sale of tickets no changes or refunds are accepted, without the express consent of the promoter.

Do you know what this is?

Before creating your event or buying your ticket it is important that you carefully read, understand and accept the Terms of Use. Go for it! :)

By checking the “I accept the Terms” you agree to accept the following terms and conditions (“Terms of use”). Any new feature or tool that can be added to the current service will also be subject to the terms and conditions of use.

The reading and acceptance of these Terms of Use is a necessary condition for the use of the services of the web tickets.wegow.com. These Terms of Use govern the relationship of the event organizer (hereinafter referred to as the “organizer”) and the buyer or user (hereinafter “the buyer” or “the user”) with Wegow Technologies, SL (hereinafter “WegowTickets”), located at Calle Rodriguez Arias num 51, Entreplanta dcha. 48013 Bilbao and CIF B86767761. Contact email info@wegow.es

The use of other services offered through the website may be subject to particular conditions that substitute, complete and / or modify these Terms of Use. Therefore, prior to the use of such services, the User must also read carefully and also accept the corresponding specific conditions.

The user, visitor, or buyer; as well as the organizer of the event, recognize that they have sufficient capacity to contract, have read and understood the present Terms of use of this website and accept them. The access, permanence in the website and the use of the same by the user or organizer presupposes the reading and acceptance of these conditions and of the complementary information pages.

What does the website contain?

The website hosted under the domain name tickets.wegow.com contains a platform for organizing events and ticket sales. The general conditions that are detailed regulate the access and use of the website as well as the contents of the same. WegowTickets may modify, update or remove such content at any time without notice.

Any use other than the purpose of this website is expressly prohibited in the present conditions of use. Thus, the Organizer waives using this website for unlawful purposes or actions that are contrary to the rights and interests of WegowTickets, its members and / or third parties in any way that damages or impedes the normal use of both the service and the website.

The User who intentionally or culpably fails to comply with any of the foregoing obligations shall be liable for all damages and damages caused.

WegowTickets reserves the right to moderate, suspend or unable to reach or avowedly publish the alleged illegal content. It also reserves the right to remove profiles organizers or users who do not comply with these legal conditions. This suspension or withdrawal does not give any right to compensation in any case.


WegowTickets through the website tickets.wegow.com and other partners of the network WegowTickets acts as a mere intermediary in the sale of tickets for events and advertising thereof. Neither crocantickets or WegowTickets in no case be liable for the misuse Organizer tool can do but undertake to verify the extent possible the veracity of the organizers through profile information provided by the registered user.

WegowTickets not involved in either communication or the relationship between users and organizers thus not responsible in the event that the event does not reach eventually occur. In any case, as claims concerning the quality or diligence in the event develops, the claim must be addressed to the organizer directly since WegowTickets not participate nor is responsible for the content of the information about the event that facilitate organizers through the website

WegowTickets acting only as an intermediary between the organizers and buyers in the sale:

1. Do not assume liability in the event that information about the event published by the Organizer is false or event finally does not reach place. In this case all claims should be addressed to the organizer of the event, who, by accepting the Terms of Service disclaims any liability to WegowTickets arising from the publication of false information about the event or the cancellation of the event .

2. In the event of ticket or products made through a payment gateway on behalf of the Organizing WegowTickets not assume any liability for any claim by buyers related to refund of tickets .WegowTickets duly notified on the website if payment is made on a payment gateway Organizer.

3. No responsibility for the form or terms in which finally the event takes place. Any claim relating to the quality of the event or action should be directed solely to the event organizer.

4. It shall be exonerated from any liability arising from the inclusion by the organizer or any other third party trademark, domain name or any reference that includes the word “WegowTickets” or some of the brands that make up the network crocantickets partners in any medium that can be displayed and facing public users and buyers.

The Organizer will indemnify WegowTickets for any loss or damage that results from promoting false events and / or publication of inaccurate or false information. To this end, Wegow Tickets reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against the organizers to publish false information about events.

I respect the process of sale

The purchase procedure

The purchase procedure is performed as follows:

I. type the number of entries is selected and

II. Buyer’s personal data (name, email and others who consider the promoter and / or website) are introduced

III. Clicked on the “buy” after which is redirected to the payment gateway

IV. payment details are completed

Proof of purchase

The buyer will receive the entries for the email provided. This document shall at all times proof of purchase. In this proof of purchase organizer data are collected for the event that the buyer has the same information.

Problems with entries

If you had a problem with the purchase process please contact info@wegow.es However, in no case changes or refunds on tickets already contracted accepted.

What belongs to WegowTickets?

Web site operation and safety

WegowTickets ensure the proper functioning of the website, the veracity of the published information security and on the website it as far as possible. However WegowTickets not responsible for any errors or omissions that may appear in the contents of the website, nor guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements introduced by third parties, which could damage or alter the computer system.

Consequently, WegowTickets not liable for damages that such elements may cause the user or terceros.WegowTickets organizer can not be held responsible, whether direct or indirect, for damages resulting from misuse of this website or its contents by users, nor for any action taken on the basis of the information provided therein.

Intellectual property

WegowTickets owns the domain name tickets.wegow.com, and manages the authoring tool and event management. So WegowTickets owns all URLs under which you access the events organized on that website. reproduction or transmission of website content for informational or educational purposes is permitted provided that the source is acknowledged and respected author. Thus, reproduction or transmission of the content of the website for purposes other than those listed without the prior written permission of WegowTickets is not allowed.

Organizer WegowTickets yields to communication rights and public distribution on the content you provide through the website, as well as modification to suit the technical requirements of the website tickets.wegow.com, and also guarantees the legitimate ownership or power to dispose of such rights.

All trade names, logos, trademarks or logos of any kind that appear on tickets.wegow.com are owned by WegowTickets or third parties it may not be construed that the use and WegowTickets access to and use of their services it gives the user any rights to the trademarks, signs or logos.

In any case, WegowTickets will neither be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through the website.

And my intellectual property?

The Organizer shall be solely responsible for authorship or to have the exploitation rights corresponding to images, videos and texts used to configure your event, leaving eWegowTickets in any case harmless against any claim.

The Organizer, by accepting these Conditions of Use WegowTickets grants permission to reproduce and use their trademarks or trade names in order to provide the services described as such provision of services is made. Any claims that may be brought by User or organizers regarding Intellectual Property may be made by sending an email to info@wegow.es

Third Party Links

WegowTickets not assume any responsibility for the links (links) which, via the website, your access to benefits and services offered by third parties, provided that they are outside the Website. Therefore WegowTickets not responsible or the information contained therein or any effects that might result from such information. Also WegowTickets reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally and without notice way, the links that appear on the Website.

If any user or third party notice that such links may be contrary to law, morals or public order, must inform WegowTickets via email info@wegow.es

Returns and Refund Policy

Once gained entry through WegowTickets, will not be changed by another nor refunded, except in cases of cancellation.

Refund in case of cancellation may be effected by the Organizer within fifteen days from the date of the public announcement of the cancellation. If the suspension is carried out once after more than half of the show, there will be no refund. Bad weather conditions do not entitle to a refund of the entrance.

WegowTickets not involved in either communication or the relationship between users and organizers thus not responsible in the event that the event does not reach eventually occur. In any case, as claims concerning the quality or diligence in the event develops, the claim must be addressed to the Organizer

How I can unsubscribe from the service?

The user can terminate the service at any time. WegowTickets not ask for justification for the effective lower, although it reserves the right to consult the reasons for the low statistical purposes and for improving the service. The Organizer will request its unsubscribe at any time via e - mail info@wegow.es

Additionally, WegowTickets reserves the right to terminate users or organizers who do not meet the legal requirements set out in these conditions.

What about privacy?

Organizer Privacy

WegowTickets conditions the use of its services to the prior completion of the corresponding User registration, which must be a valid e-mail.

The Organizer guarantees that the personal data provided to WegowTickets are truthful and is responsible for communicating any changes or updates WegowTickets thereof. Thus, the Organizer will be solely responsible for responding to false or inaccurate information made and the data you provide in your relationships with others.

In the registration process organizer you will be asked for a password that will be responsible for keeping confidential. In case of unauthorized use and user name or any other breach of security, the Organizer undertakes to notify WegowTickets as soon as possible. WegowTickets not be liable for any damages or losses that may result due to non-compliance with this obligation.

The Organizer is informed that their professional contact data may be accessible by any user of the website and responsible for dealing accordance with current regulations the personal data of users who accessed through this portal. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by email to info@wegow.es

Buyer Privacy

To make the purchase properly users must complete the name and email fields. By providing your information to the user consents WegowTickets WegowTickets can use your data in the terms established under the conditions of use. And also for the proper functioning of the system the user must notify any change concerning WegowTickets them always responding to their veracity.

WegowTickets can collect the IP address from the purchaser as well as navigation data generated in order to identify any potentially fraudulent use of this site. It is also to offer a better content according to users needs and create a better experience on the site.

WegowTickets reserves the right to change these provisions relating to privacy always in accordance with the law applicable at all times. These changes will be reflected in the web so we encourage you to review these Terms of Use to be informed.

And my personal data?

WegowTickets meets in the processing of personal data of its users with current legislation in Spain and the European Union, particularly with the Organic Data Protection Act and its implementing regulations. For it adopts technical and organizational measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data, given the state of technology access, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

The data provided will be included in a file of personal data that is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency which is responsible Wegow Technologies, SLy which aims to:

1. Manage the provision of services provided through the website and other websites WegowTickets.

2. Providing commercial information about services that may be of interest.

3. Provide information to third parties for better use of the service.

To provide the service described in these Terms of Use, WegowTickets have access to personal data that holds the Organizer, understood as the customer data and orders, in order to provide technical assistance, facilitate access and operation of the event organizer, as manager of treatment. And data from buyers and their entrances.

WegowTickets is obliged to respect all obligations that could apply as a processor under the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on protection of personal data and its complementary regulation to committing to processing the data according to instructions received from the Company.

WegowTickets is promises not to apply or use the data to which access purpose other than specifically indicated, and not to disclose, transfer, assign or otherwise communicate files or data to which access is either orally or in writing, electronically or on paper, not even for their preservation or accommodation.

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the provisions of the PDPA email info@wegow.es will need to prove your identity so you must submit a photocopy of your ID on this email . “"

As for commercial communications the user consents to receiving them via email by WegowTickets and by the organizer of the event by validating the purpose on the purchase confirmation box. You also agree to receive commercial communications by registering voluntarily in any other section authorized to do so on the website

In addition, organizers registered in WegowTicketso in one of its partners accept receipt of commercial communications to improvements or new features on the platform. And communications related to products or services that are linked, or are similar or complementary to the service offered by WegowTickets or crocantickets.

What do you do with cookies?

WegowTickets web site may use cookies when a user browses its websites and web pages. The cookies that can be used on the website are only associated with the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous user) and do not themselves provide any personal user data. Cookies are used only for internal purposes, such as access statistics to the web. Cookies can not read cookie files created by other providers or websites. The user has the ability to configure your browser to be warned when receiving cookies and prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive.

Do you do spam?

WegowTickets not use techniques of “spamming” and only process the data you transmit through the electronic forms on this website or emails. The processing of personal data and sending commercial communications by electronic means are in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, Protection of Personal Data and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

How I can report?

In the event that any user, visitor or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances revealing the illegality of any content or use entraadium.com, you should contact WegowTickets through info@wegow.es to do so , enter your personal information (name, address, phone number and email address) and the alleged illegal activity carried out on the website. “"

Can there be changes?

WegowTickets reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use in accordance with applicable law at all times, what duly informed on the website, so we recommend that users check back periodically to be informed of them.

On what basis are developed which legislation?

These Terms of Use have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Conditions of Contract, Law 26/1984 for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade, and how laws are applicable.

What applicable law and jurisdiction is based all this?

These terms are governed by Spanish law. The Parties agree to submit, at its option for conflict resolution and expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, the courts which are competent.