Thirty 3 NIghtclub & Ultra Lounge

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THIRTY 3 NIGHTCLUB Is The Most Exclusive Nightclub Ever - To Land In The Hudson Valley. For years this building has been home to some of the hottest dance clubs North of NYC. From the amazing team that brought you CONFETTI'S, METRIX, INTRIGUE, AEGEAN and ZONYX, bring to you now, THIRTY 3 NIGHTCLUB & Ultra Lounge. DJs, Performers, Celebrities, Nightlife Personalities and much, much more partake in " Living The Nightlife" at THIRTY 3 NIGHTCLUB and now, So Will You! Dress Code: Wear Your Dancing Clothes and Your Dancing Shoes With state of the art lighting and sound, this 25,000 square foot nightlife venue is a safe and friendly environment filled with positive vibrations. Celebrations for any occasion are more than welcome at THIRTY 3 NIGHTCLUB, or, if you just want to Let Loose - Unwind and Have A Great Time because it's the weekend... you can - and you will - because you deserve to! The lavishly spacious layout of THIRTY 3 NIGHTCLUB'S design is split into two entirely different event spaces and it is a canvas for any musical work of art. The Main room features a performance stage and 4 go go dancer pedestals. The Ultra Lounge is a little more quaint and provides you with a perfect little dance party room. Both spaces are equipped with their very own separate entrances, lighting & sound systems, DJ booths, private VIP rooms, full service bars and outside areas for smoking. At THIRTY 3 NIGHTCLUB, the Universe is your limit.

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    33 Academy St