Sigma Bar at The Cask Inn (Scarborough Blues Club)

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Scarborough Blues Club does not have it's own premises but we know someone who does: The Cask Inn, Cambridge Terrace, Scarborough is a traditional public house on the outskirts of the town centre. It has several bars on the ground floor and serves food and drink throughout the day. The Cask is slowly gaining a very good reputation for top class musical entertainment because, in addition to housing our own club, it is also the venue for the local jazz club (see Friends on our Home Page) Our club holds most of its gigs in the Sigma Bar at The Cask. This is a self contained venue in the basement of the building, with a maximum capacity of only 100 people. There is a small stage (raised area) at one end, stage lighting, a good pa (sound system), a well stocked bar, male / female / disabled toilets and pleasant subdued lighting throughout. It is very cosy and ideal for the sort of friendly, inclusive gigs that we like to promote. We normally find that the intimacy of the venue helps to create the relaxed, friendly, laid back, sort of atmosphere that is so important when enjoying good music. So, if you are considering visiting our venue for the first time, don't expect a concert hall environment, air conditioning or the finest cuisine but do expect to have a relaxed evening in the company of like minded individuals. We do not have a dress code but if we had one it would probably be 'Jeans +'. Why not come along and see for yourself?

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