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Luton Library Theatre opened in 1962 firstly as a lecture theatre then it gradually changed to a traditional entertainment venue with 256 seats and two side isles. It began to build up a programme of amateur drama, film, music of all types, professional drama and music, children's events in fact a pretty long list of events that covers almost every taste. All of this continued through the sixties, seventies and eighties. During the nineties the seating was changed to a more modern style and colour with a centre isle with a slight rake - this did mean the amount of seating had to be reduced to 238. In the late nineties and early noughties there were more changes both fabric and technical. This brings us up to 2009, when the Library itself closed for a major refurbishment. Some improvements were made to the front of house and bar areas of the theatre, plus the introduction of a new cafe - The Empress Cafe. Technical improvements continue all the time and with our programme growing each season, we aim to be here for a lot longer.

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