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Momentos Alhambra presenta Reykjavik 606 formato Banda Reykjavik606 en concierto en Madrid

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Challenging the fine line between music-making and story-telling, the Spanish duo of Reykjavik 606 have quite a few tales to tell. Grasping the audience with an unrestricted blend of sounds, shifting through ambient, downtempo, future jazz and cinematic house. Their ways with music push the boundaries of what is and what can be. Its masterminds, Kino Internacional and Borja Piñeiro, have a taste for the eclectic, get their kicks from tool-kit experiments and continue to enamor many music-loving souls with a genre-bending mix of audio and visual. With unique live shows at Mutek Festival, Nokodek, Neopop or Electrosplash, – duo or live band - along with the critically acclaimed release of all their albums, future invites Reykjavik 606 to share their story. Childhood friends with a life-long obsession for music and the technology behind it all. Underlining both their talents, Borja studied percussion, while Kino mastered the piano. He also became one of the lucky few selected for the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in 2013. Combining expertise and vision, they found the perfect balance in Reyjavik 606. United in differences, they equally share the musical process of creating tracks, remixes, concerts and sets. Endless Summer in Peckham (2019 – Forbidden Colours), was considered amongst the best albums for Spanish Music media such as Rockdelux or Mondosonoro. And the vinyl release from their last LP Divorce from New York | This ain’t jazz no more (2021 – Forbidden Colours) was sold out in 2 months. As well as receiving support from BBC DJs like Benji B, Jamz Supernova or Tom Ravenscroft, NTS` Mashmello or Touching Bass. Symptoms of a coherent growth as band, expanding their work to the European contemporary music

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9 ene. 2022

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    C. del Caballero de Gracia, 10, 28013 Madrid

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