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Conciertos de The Fun Loving Ones

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After years of stepping on the most notorious stages of Madrid’s underground, while damaging their vital organs at Wurlitzer Ballroom and other high-end joints, Álvaro (bass), Andrés (drums), Cheli (guitar), Francesc (vocals), Martín (keyboards) and Rodri (guitar) have decided to take a step forward and pull out all the stops for their new record, “Responsible Men”. And in order to make this new work sound like thunder, The Fun Loving Ones recruited, as invaluable ally and coolness counselor, Carlos Hernández Nombela (who has produced records for Airbag, Los Planetas, Pereza and more recently, Viva Suecia, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro or La Plata). The recording took place at Studio B (Madrid, Spain), over 8 days in August and October 2017. Following two previous releases, 2009 EP No Compromise, and their first LP, Nowhere To Run in 2012, this new album aims at consolidating a band that comes carrying a load of new experiences and sounds. The expertise gathered playing with other bands, such as Limando el Serrucho, Free Wheel, Barba Dixie Band, Basura Feelings, Vice and Vanity or Los Porretas is noticeable in songs full of infectious melodies, rusty guitars and a robust rhythmic foundation. Fans of Weezer, Green Day, Elvis Costell, Morrisey, Rancid and any other thing that smells and tastes like rock and roll, their stage show is hard to describe but very easy to enjoy intensely. While giving birth to their new baby, these 6 “Responsible Men” intend to keep pushing the button of pleasure in the next months. Keep an eye on them!

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