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Conciertos de Qhimera

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Qhimera is a hard rock band formed in Leganés, Spain, in 2016, characterized by fusing genres such as punk, metal, alternative, doom, stoner, funk, etc., creating an hybrid sound. The line-up consists of vocalist Daniel Godino, guitarist and violist Rodrigo "Roi" García, guitarist Vanderley "Vander" Aznar, bassist Daniel Sanz and drummer Cristian "Xris" Martín. They all reside in the Community of Madrid and have previous experience in other projects. The five members have developed different styles, therefore have contributed with multiple influences to their music. In late 2018 and early 2019, three singles were released, which would be followed by the debut album, also titled "Qhimera", in July 2019. This LP includes ten original and self-produced songs, along with Carlos Prieto, from Bullet Games Studios. The group has been organizing and playing concerts since 2017 throughout the province, at diverse venues and with a great variety of local musicians, appearing on digital and printed media publications of the national emerging scene.

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