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Información de DJ Rush

DJ Rush (Isaiah Major) is a successful Techno-DJ and music producer from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.. He was born in January, 1970. In the blooming house scene of Chicago DJ Rush quickly came to like electronic music. He made his first appearances as a DJ in the "Music Box", the "Powerhouse", the Stammheim, and the legendary Warehouse where he stood behind the turntables for up to ten hours. At the same he began producing his own creations in his bedroom. In 1991 DJ Rush released his first single ("Knee Deep") on the label Trax Records. His production became increasingly minimal and heavier and he began to gain ground in London and Berlin. In 1998 DJ Rush successfully had a Europe-wide breakthrough with the record "Motherfucking Bass". In 2001 he displaced Jeff Mills as the Reader's Choice for most popular DJ in Groove-Magazine. As his fame and stature grew, he used his status to help up and coming techno-artists get their breakthrough, by remixing their tracks, or releasing them on his label, Kne'Deep. he has also a very particular way to entertain the crowd, acting as dj and mc at the same time. DJ Rush is 6' 6" (1.98 m) tall.