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The Cure is a rock band that was started in 1976. This band is an English band formed at Crawley in West Sussex. Over the years, the band has experienced changes in its members. There have been changes of the vocalist, guitarist and front man. The Cure released its debut album in 1979. It was called ‘Three Imaginary Boys’. There were also a few singles that had been earlier released by the band. The Cure focused on dark rock music. This helped build a solid foundation for the gothic rock genre. In 1982, this band released yet another album, ‘Pornography’. This earned the band a murky reputation. One of the band members, Smith, did something about it and introduced a pop feeling into the band’s music. In no time, it regained its popularity. In 1987, the band made it to the US top 40 for the first time. It was rated number 35. The Cure has attended more than one festival. They even have a DVD, ‘Festival 2005’. This DVD was released in the late 2006 to show the 9 European festivals that The Cure attended. The Cure has held concerts around the world. These have been well attended. The most talked about tour The Cure has ever done was the world wide ‘‘Top Tour”. The band did concert after concert in most parts of the world. They then released an album that was based on the live performances they did during the concerts.