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This article is about the Michigan band. For the Polish band, see SBB (band) Small Brown Bike was a band from Marshall, Michigan that existed between 1996 and 2004. The band was sparked from an earlier band Help! The Lookout started by former front man Mike Reed, and his brother, Bass player Ben Reed the band consisted of 80's guitar like riffs and melodic style vocals. The trademark of Small Brown Bike this four-piece is "double vocals" backed by melodies. Their sound is often identified as being similar to other post-hardcore bands--often Small Brown Bike's close contemporaries--such as Avail, Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four. Their last show was in 2004 at The Fireside Bowl in Chicago, after already agreeing to split up. Former members Mike Reed and Dan Jaquint later created the band La Salle, with Reed's wife playing bass guitar. Ben Reed is now the singer in the Great Sea Serpents based out of Chicago, IL. The band name is derived from their working experience as bike mechanics.