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Steven Patrick Morrissey, more commonly known by his stage name Morrissey, is a prominent musical figure from the UK who's solo career spans nearly three decades. After the breakup of his original band, The Smiths, Morrissey's first solo album skyrocketed him to the top of the Singles Chart where he continued to play his heart out through soulful lyrics and legendary concert performances. As an early convert to the punk rock scene, Morrissey started fronting with bands in the late 1970's until The Smiths formed in 1982. After several years successfully touring Europe and the U.S., the band split, leaving Morrissey free to pursue music the way he saw and loved it. His debut album, <i>Viva Hate</i>, was certified Gold by the RIAA in 1993. Morrissey has been credited as one of the most influential British lyricists and musicians of the past twenty years, second perhaps only to the Beatles. Fans and record labels herald him as a champion figurehead for the Indie Rock movement. Contemporary American rock band, The Killers, have openly talked of their admiration and influence Morrissey on their overall style and sound. Morrissey's personal life has been a subject of much controversy over the years, mostly due to his ambiguous nature on the top and tendency to redirect rather than discuss personal drama. During his career, he has instigated very public feuds with artists ranging from Madonna to George Michael and spoken as a political and animals rights advocate.