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Macklemore is a hip hop artist from Seattle, Washington. The name behind the pseudonym of Macklemore is Ben Haggerty who was born in Seattle in 1982 and has become one of the most popular emerging hip hop musicians from Washington in the last decade. Since 2000, Macklemore has self-sufficiently released his own records on his own record label called Macklemore. In 2012, Macklemore put out his debut full length offering called, The Heist. It has gained an immense following and reached number one on the Itunes download charts. This was an impressive feat for an independent and self-releasing hip hop artist. In addition The Heist reached number 2 on the Billboard Music charts, which launched Macklemore into an early celebratory fame overnight. However, Macklemore has stayed true to his roots, and being a hard working musician for over a decade now, the rapper still maintains his independent attitude and has not signed with any major record label, although many offers have come his way. Macklemore has also released three self-released extended players. Those EPs are Open Your Eyes in 2000, The VS. in 2009, and The VS. Redux in 2010. In addition to having a prolific and successful album career, Macklemore has also released six singles over the last ten years. There are also almost a dozen music videos by Macklemore and with the spread of digital music over the last decade, Macklemore has become an role model for many up and coming rappers for his diligence and hard work ethic.