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James Hillier Blount was born on February 22, 1974 in England. He is better known by his stage name, James Blunt, and besides being a former captain in the army, is a songwriter, singer, and musician. He has had a lifelong interest in music, having taken piano and violin lessons as a child. In 2002, he left the British Army so that he could put his energy into his career in music. He recorded his first album, called Back to Bedlam, which could be classified as pop rock, in 2003 at producer Tom Rothrock’s home studio. The song “You’re Beautiful” from this album became number one in the UK and helped to position his first album as number one on the UK Albums Chart. With his newfound musical success, he began touring nationally and internationally. Since then, he has released many songs and albums and continued to tour. His second best-selling album after Back to Bedlam, entitled Moon Landing, was released in 2013.