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Information of Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes is an American band which was initially formed in 1997 in Geneva, New York. Music is rooted in hip hop, with rapping on sings common for the group. The band was started by Travie McCoy and Matt McGinley. The band started out playing smaller venues and though singles were released, the first album was 'For The Kids' in 2001 and followed by 'The Papercut Chronicles' was put out in 2003. The band continues to have success, as the rock and rap mixture the band has become notorious for is a distinctly unique sound. The 2011 release of 'The Papercut Chronicles II' which featured the song 'Stereo Hearts' which features Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine.
The band continues to have a loyal following. The music video for 'Cupid's Chokehold' in 2007 showcased the song which won Best Rap Song at the Hip Hop Nation Awards. The band performs at festival venues and travels for concert and tour performances.