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Girl Talk is the stage name given to a musician named Gregg Michael Gillis. Girl Talk creates music that focuses on digital samplings and mashups of a variety of different songs. Girl Talk will take a certain aspect of a song and blend it with parts of other songs to create a multi-faceted blend of danceable sounds. Girl Talk has often created controversy through his unauthorized use of artists music, but so far he has not suffered the wrath of the music industry. In fact, many artists find it flattering that Girl Talk uses their songs in his mashups so chances are he will be able to continue creating his truly unique take on other musician's songs. So far, Girl Talk has released 5 albums including 2004's Unstoppable and 2008's Feed The Animals and his music is quite popular in concert on the festival circuit and in clubs around the world.
This is the music video for the song "Feed The Animals "Play Your Part (Pt. 1)".