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Freestyle is a band formed in the Philippines in 1996. Their music is considered to be both rhythm and blues oriented as well as in the genre of Pinoy rock music. The current lineup of band members includes, Joshua Desiderio, Sheree, Tat Suzara, Mike Luis, Rommel Dela Cruz and Gerald Banzon. Former members of the band were musicians, Top Suzara, Tzuki Garcia, Jinky Vidal, Carlo Tapia, Obet Luzon, and Nikki Cabardo. Freestyle signed a multi album record deal to Viva Records in 1999. The release of their eponymous full length debut album offering was met with much success in their native country. This was followed up by their second album recording called This Time in 2000. In 2002, Freestyle released their album I Wanna Get Close, followed by Once In A Lifetime which was released in 2004. Back At The Yard, their 5th studio full length album was released in 2007 to be followed by PLaylist in 2009. It has been 4 years since Freestyle has released a studio album. News is that they are in the process of writing and working on a new album. Freestyle also released 3 compilation albums which were a mixture of greatest hits and singles on Viva Records. In addition, 4 live albums were released between 2001-2006. Freestyle's music landscape has been compared to groups such as, Smokey Mountain, K24/7, Art & Soul, Sabado Boys, New Funk and Kindred Garden. Freestyle is very popular in the Philippines and in Eastern Asia.