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Flogging Molly is considered to be one of the leading pioneers of Celtic Punk bands originating in Los Angeles, California in the late 90's. They still perform live and continue to write original music as well as record full length albums. In addition, they recently started their own independent record label called Borstal Beat Records. The big lineup of original band members consist of George Schwindt, Dave King, Bridget Regan, Dennis Casey, Matt Hensley, Nathen Maxwell and Bob Schmidt. Their sound became largely influential in the heavy metal, punk and ska scenes in the late 90's for their unusual combination of traditional celtic roots music synthesized with punk rock. They have released 5 full length studio albums. In chronological order, they are Swagger, Drunken Lullabies, Within A Mile of Home, Float and Speed of Darkness. The band has cited key influences as Joe Strummer and The Clash, Johnny Cash, The Dubliners, Horslips and The Pogues. Their music still continues to reach a new and large audience. They perform regularly and tour the world influencing new fans each year. Moreover, they have an immense following in Boston and Ireland were Celtic music is largely popular and appreciated. The band is currently working on their 6th full length studio offering and plans to tour the world on the back of the release.