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Marc Dosem was born in the early eighties at the heart of Catalonia, in Girona, Spain, at the beginning of an era of common use of hardware synthesizers in music and grew up with the boom of 90's electronic dance sound. After few years of playing around with first generation personal computers during his childhood, the young Catalan started composing his first personal productions with the help of early digital music production softwares. Marc’s music influences come from the sounds of dub, house and techno and from the clubbing scene of Barcelona and Girona.

In the beginning of the year 2006, Marc started performing as a live act under the name 'Dosem'. In a short time, his popularity grew strong amongst the Spanish scene, which led him to perform in the most important iberican clubs and festivals such as 'Blau Club' in Girona, 'Nitsa Club' in Barcelona, 'Family Club' in Toledo, 'Florida 135' in Fraga and 'Klubbers Meeting' in Madrid, alongside many high profile international DJs and producers.

2007 and 2008 saw Marc starting to become a key figure in electronic music production, with several tracks released on labels such as Natura Sonoris, Paradigm, Cray1 Labworks, Zenit, Antezenit, Minisketch, Parallel 125, Cutz, Upfront Records, 4Line, V-Label and his own label Soundfate. The growing popularity of Dosem confirmed his ascent as a live performer, by allowing him to perform in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, in venues such as ‘Rex Club’ in Paris or ‘Fuse’ in Brussels.

In early 2009, Marc signed his first artist deal with high profile Hong Kong based label, Sino, which previously revealed key figures of the electronic music scene, in the name of Joris Voorn and Technasia. It will see him releasing a series of EP on the label, starting with the announced club hit 'Silent Drop'. The launch of Dosem’s track 'Beach Kisses' in 2008 on Neue Lärmklassiker, supported and charted by top DJs in the likes of Tiesto, Laurent Garnier, Technasia, Joris Voorn and Angel Molina, amongst others, signed the first worldwide hit of the young Catalan artist. The track will then be re-released in 2009 on Joris Voorn's label, Green. In the 2009 DJ Top 100 of Spanish Go Magazine, Marc was voted Best Spanish Producer of 2008.