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Cannibal Corpse is a death metal band from Buffalo, New York. Core members Chris Barnes, Alex Webster and Jack Owen founded the group. Since forming in 1988, the band has released an impressive catalog of 12 full-length studio albums. What drove Cannibal Corpse through the years were their devoted fans, which gave the group a unique cult following. Their 2nd and 3rd albums sold over 1 million copies respectively. However, controversy around the group has banned them from performing live as well as having their albums sold in certain territories around the world. Their debut album called Eaten Back To Life was released in 1990. This album was banned in Germany for its abusive and offensive language. The most recent full-length offering from Cannibal Corpse was the 2012 release Torture. Erik Rutan at Sonic Ranch Studios in Austin, Texas, produced the album. Torture sold almost 50,000 copies and landed the band on the Top 40. Despite their violent language and imagery, the band has developed an ever-growing fan base around the world. In addition, the fact that the band's albums are not universally distributed has not prevented their fans from collecting their records. It has been said that part of the enigma around the band is their controversial material. Even though the band is banned from performing at certain locations around the world, their music has always maintained a strong belief in the First Amendment. In other words, although Cannibal Corpse have been criticized for their language, the band has never compromised their voice.