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Information of Boyzone

Boyzone is a wildly popular Irish boy band that continues to draw female admirers from around the world to its high-energy live performances. This boy band isn't just about a group of pretty faces, either. Their music wins over the sensibilities of male audiences, too, thanks to its habit of tapping into universal concepts like love.

The chart history of Boyzone is impressive. They've charted 21 singles on UK top 40 charts, 6 of those singles ascending to the number 1 position. By 2013, their music had generated 25-million albums sold around the world. The band is composed of Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch, Ronan Keating, and Stephen Gately.

This old boy band dates way back to 1993 during the rise of boy band popularity that peeked in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Their manager was Louis Walsh, the man famous for managing Westlife, another popular boy band. The group's music is fueled by powerful love ballads and catchy dance music. What sets Boyzone apart is their penchant for socially conscious songs that focus on world peace and universal love for one another. You won't find many boy bands that touch on those subjects, but Boyzone did it in a beautiful way in their heyday. They continue to win over new fans while on tour, who discover their contribution to the boy band scene.