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The Los Angeles based psychedelic-fuzz-rock band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC), takes cues from classic rock, blues, folk, and garage rock. Originally formed in San Francisco in 1998 by guitarist/singer Peter Hayes, bassist/guitarist/singer Robert Levon Been, and Drummer Nick Jago, the band quickly built an impressive following. Their debut album “B.R.M.C.” (2001), on Virgin Records was well received by critics and fans alike, with reviews hailing it’s raw energy and simultaneous mystic grace. In 2003, the floor of the Leeds Town Hall Building nearly collapsed under the weight and action of rowdy fans. Since their formation, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has been performing to crowds around the world. While the primary songwriters, Hayes and Been have stayed faithful to the band, their original drummer Jago permanently left the group in 2008, and was replaced by Leah Shapiro. This trio has been compared to such artists, as ZZ Top, T. Rex, The Verve and Pink Floyd, while having a distinctive sound of their own.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is an active rock band currently based in Los Angeles. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, often abbreviated as BRMC, formed in San Francisco in 1998. The original line up consisted of Robert Levon Been on bass, Peter Hayes on guitar, and Nick Jago on drums. Both Been and Hayes share vocals. The band's first two albums B.R.M.C. (2001) and Take Them On, On Your Own (2003) were influenced by classic rock and were recorded with the original band members. Their third album Howl (2005), marked a stylistic departure for the band. Howl included more folk influences and drummer Nick Jago is absent from all but one song on the record. While touring for this record BRMC also employed guitarist Spike Keating as a temporary fourth member.

The band's next two albums Baby 81 (2007) and The Effects of 333 (2008) were influenced by blues, folk, and rock sounds. In June of 2008 drummer Nick Jago left the band for good and was replaced by Leah Shapiro. The two following albums Beat the Devil's Tattoo (2010) and Specter At The Feast (2013) both feature new drummer Leah Shapiro. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has enjoyed critical success and their songs have been featured in several movies, video games, television series, and commercials.