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Information of Alt-J

Although the actual name for the indie rock group Alt-J is a symbol that looks like a triangle, the triangle is translated from computer language into Alt-J. Based out of Cambridge, England, Alt-J is comprised of Thom Green, Gus Unger-Hamilton, Gwil Sainsbury, and Joe Newman. Alt-J first formed in 2007, but they were mostly just creating music and playing little shows in hopes of truly honing their craft. Finally, in 2011, Alt-J signed on with the record label Infectious Records. In 2012, Alt-J finally released their debut studio album titled An Awesome Wave, and from this album came the singles "Matilda/Fitzpleasure", "Breezeblocks", and "Tessellate". Although Alt-J is a relatively new band, their music and exposure on the concert stage is soon to bring them the recognition they deserve within the musical community. Expose yourself to a different kind of sound by watching the music video for the song "Breezeblock" by Alt-J.