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Information of All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish is an Oakland, CA band that combines elements of death metal, hardcore punk and metalcore to create a unique style of music known as deathcore. All Shall Perish currently consists of members Hernan Hermida, Ben Orum, Mike Tiner, Adam Pierce and Francesco Artusato, with Ben Orum and Mike Tiner being the only original members. Since becoming a band in 2002, All Shall Perish has released 4 studio albums that include Hate, Malice, Revenge and The Price of Existence and has released 4 music videos that include the songs "Eradication" and "There Is Nothing Left".
Although deathcore is a style of music that is most popular in southwestern United States, All Shall Perish has experienced worldwide success through their tours and appearances at festivals like The Hell and Heaven Metal Festival and the Mayhem Festival. They've performed in concert all over the U.S., Europe and Russia and have the distinct honor of being the first American metal band to tour Siberia.
If you want to familiarize yourself with the loud sounds of All Shall Perish's blend of metalcore music, here is the music video for their song, "Eradication".