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Are you one of the many fans of A Day to Remember band? Whether you've bought all their CDs, watched all their music video over and over or went to their concert tour, fans of this band can learn more about them by reading the following. A Day to Remember band came from Florida and was established in 2003 by the band's guitarist Tom Denny and their band's drummer Bobby Scruggs. The band is one of the many American rock groups that are widely popular nowadays, with 4 studio albums, 8 music videos and 9 singles produced since the band's formation. The band is widely recognized for their unique combination of pop punk and metal core as their musical forte or approach. In the original band, there were only three members comprising of the band, namely Tom Denny, the lead guitarist and backup vocalist, Bobby Scruggs, drummer, and Brandon Roberts, who was the original drummer of the band. At present, the current band members consist of 5 members, namely Jeremy McKinnon, lead vocalist, Neil Westfall, rhythm guitarist and backup vocals, Joshua Woodard, bass guitarist, Alex Shelnutt, drummer, and Kevin Skaff, lead guitarist and backup vocalist. One of their most memorable concerts was marked at Melbourne's Festival Hall event, with a smash of drums and flashing confetti and an opening of Sticks and Bricks.