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Wolf Alice is an alternative rock band that comes from North London. Wolf Alice has four members which include Joff Oddie(vocals and guitar), Ellie Rowsell(guitar and vocals), Joel Amey(drums), and Theo Ellis(bass). This legendary band came together in the year of 2010 by band members Joff Oddie and Ellie Rowsell. The name of the band actually originated from a short story that was written by Angela Carter. The band released an EP that was called Wolf Alice that very same year all by themselves. Wolf Alice consisted of three songs Destroy Me, Wednesday, and Every Cloud. The song Wednesday also had a video. Two years later in 2012 they released the song Leaving You when the drummer Joel Amey and the bass player Theo Ellis came in to join the band. After the song Leaving you was released Wolf Alice went on a tour, and toured with Peace. In January, they recorded a session for Hew Stephen's Radio show. In February of 2013, Wolf Alice released their first actual single Fluffy. This single was released on the Chess Club Label. The band then released their second single on the Chess Club Label called Bros. The band then went on to tour, and were accompanied by bands like Dead New Blood, and Dressed Like Wolves. In October of that year Wolf Alice released an official video to their single She. They also released their very first official EP called Blush. In the year 2014 Wolf Alice signed to Dirty Hit Records. That year they released their second official album called Creature Songs. In 2015 they came out with their debut album My Love is Cool, and announced their single from their debut album Giant Peach.