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Information of UK Subs

UK Subs comes from London, United Kingdom and was born in 1977. The band members are Gregor Kramer, Peter Revesz, Rab Fae Beith, Gary Baldy, Simon Rankin, Peter Davis, Paul Slack, Alan Campbell, Jason Dulldrums, Alvin Gibbs, Jim Moncur, Paul Margolis, Dave 'Flea' Farrelly, Brian Barnes, Jet, Tezz, Darrell Bath, Charlie Harper, Alan Lee, Rory Lyons, Belvy K, Deptford John, Jamie Oliver, Clara Wiseman, Lars Frederiksen, Ricky McGuire, Matt McCoy, Jacek Ostoya, Andy Frantic, Dave Ayer, Captain Scarlet, Nicky Garratt, Kim Wylie and Steve Roberts. Their musical style is mainly considered Punk, Rock, Electrónica, pub rock, heavy christmas, crossover thrash, hardcore punk, punk christmas, oi and Metal.