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Texas alternative rock band Toadies first got into the music scene in 1989 right around the time grunge music was starting to gain momentum. After releasing an early 90's EP named Pleather, Toadies finally released their first full length album in 1994 titled Rubberneck. Rubberneck was a successful album and it produced Toadies' best known song "Possum Kingdom". They did not release their second album, Hell Below/Stars Above, until 2001 which was the same year Toadies broke up. In 2006, Toadies got back together and embarked on a reunion tour which was followed in 2008 with their first album in 7 years titled Deliverance. Since then, Toadies have released three more albums, Live at the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2009, Feeler and Play Rock Music, and they continue to play in concert still today.
This is the music video for the Toadies' most popular song to date, "Possum Kingdom".