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Suede is an alternative British rock band from London, England. Bernard Butler, Brett Anderson, Mat Osman and Simon Gilbert formed the group in 1989. Since 1992, Suede has gone on to receive unanimous critical acclaim worldwide. At the end of 1991, Suede got a significant amount of recognition when they were favorably mentioned in the music press as well as the NME. In 1992, the band was featured on the cover of Melody Maker and signed a 2 single deal with Nude Records.

Suede is also signed to record labels Sony BMG and Columbia. Suede has released 6 full-length studio albums since their eponymous debut release in 1993. In 2013, Suede released their 6th studio offering called Bloodsports. Ed Buller recorded the album in 2011. This album has received an ample amount of positive international criticism. The band has also toured extensively since 2010.

In 2003, the band broke up. However, since 2009 the band has been touring the world many times over and released their most recent album Bloodsports to critical acclaim. This was a significant moment for Suede. In 2011, Suede embarked on an extensive Asian tour. The group plans to continue recording and releasing original music. Many critics and musicians have claimed that Suede revitalized Glam Rock in Britain in the 90s. They continue to tour the world as well as introducing new fans to their self-styled brand of Alternative music. Keep an eye out for upcoming Suede tour dates.