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Information of Steve Aoki

Born in Miami, FL on November 30, 1977, Steve Aoki is a record producer, creator of electro house music and is the owner of Dim Mak Records. Previous to beginning his career as an electro house musician, Aoki was in numerous bands including a band by the name of This Machine Kills. After founding Dim Mak Records in 1996, Aoki stopped playing in bands and began his long lasting career as an electro house musician and record producer. While he was heavily involved in the electronic music community and dabbling in creating his own sounds, Aoki did not release his debut studio album until 2008. The album, titled Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles, is a mix album and through the music on this album Aoki found even more recognition amongst electric music lovers. In 2012 Aoti released another album, Wonderland, and he is the talent behind a slew of mixes and singles including the song "Turbulence" and the remix of Michael Jackson's song "Dancin' Machine".