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Jonny Wickersham, Mike Ness, David Hildago, Jr., and Brent Harding are the 4 musicians who make up the current lineup of the California based punk rock band Social Distortion. In 1983, Social Distortion released their debut album, Mommy's Little Monster, and since that time they have released a total of 7 studio albums. Even though Social Distortion has been a band since 1978, it wasn't until the release of Mommy's Little Monster that they achieved more widespread recognition within the punk rock music scene. Through the years, Social Distortion has remained a popular, more mainstream punk rock band, but they have suffered up and downs because of member Mike Ness' drug addiction and inner conflicts within the band. In fact, there has been so much inner turmoil with band members through the years that Social Distortion has a total of 20 ex members. If you've never heard the punk rock sounds of Social Distortion, here is the music video for their song "Ball and Chain".