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Comprised of members Simon Posford and Raja Ram, Shpongle creates a type of electronic music that blends downtempo, psybient and psytrance sounds together into one truly psychedelic music experience. Based out of the United Kingdom, Shpongle takes the listener on a trippy musical journey that starts in the ears then pulsates through the body before completely taking over the senses in a dreamlike haze. Created to either enahance or recreate a psychedelic experience through music, Shpongle's blend of sounds often explores the idea of altered states of consciousness. One example of this is the song "A New Way To Say 'Hooray'". In this song, Shpongle included vocal samplings that describe what it feels like to trip out on the drug DMT from philosopher and DMT enthusiast Terence McKenna. To say Shpongle creates truly unique music would be quite an understatement. In total, Sphongle has released three EPS and five studio albums including 2001's Tales of the Inexpressible. While their music recordings may create a vibe of psychedelic tranquility, Shpongle is a band that creates music best experienced live.