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Since their 1990 inception, the Philadelphia band Rusted Root has been creating an eclectic blend of unique music that places a strong emphasis on their rhythmical use of percussion that is heavily influenced by African and Native American musical sounds. In 1991 Rusted Root released their debut album, Cruel Sun, but it wasn't until the 1994 release of When I Woke that this culturally inspired band received recognition for their special sound.
During their 1994-1995 height of popularity, Rusted Root experienced a huge following from devoted fans who were known to follow them around from concert to concert. Rusted Root obtained a loyal fan base within the jam band community that could be compared to the fan base of bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish, only instead of calling themselves "Deadheads", or "Phishheads", Rusted Root's fans called themselves "Rootheads". Over the next few years, Rusted Root performed solo shows while on tour and for the jam band festival scene, but their popularity quickly waned after the release of 2002's Welcome To My Party because "Rootheads" did not appreciate Rusted Root's experimentation with more mainstream pop sounds.
This is the music video for the song that launched Rusted Root into jam band stardom off the 1994 When I Woke album and it's called "Send Me On My Way".