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Information of Rusko

Dubstep is one of the most popular types of music heard at clubs around the world today and one of the leading innovators of this style of music is a DJ known as Rusko. Hailing from England, Rusko got into the world of dubstep music shortly after graduating with a degree in music performance from Leeds College of Music. In 2007, Rusko made his debut in the world of dubstep music with the release of his first album, Caspa, and he quickly became known as giving the often dark style of dubstep music a more upbeat vibe. His first hit, Cockney Thug, was extremely well received with the dubstep community and even today this song remains a favorite tune of record spinners and dubstep music lovers alike. Rusko's music is best experienced in concert. His often unpredictable, upbeat dubstep style has provided dance music lovers with the beats that will make them want to move. Rusko's music has been heard in clubs and concert venues around the world, and he has even appeared in a variety of festivals, including the SnowBall Festival 2012 in Denver, CO. If you want to dance, here's your chance with the music video for "Woo Boost" by Rusko.