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Information of Runrig

Runrig is a six-piece folk rock band from Scotland. The group was founded in 1973, and as of 2008, Runrig has released 13 studio albums.

Musically, Runrig is rock-oriented. The band's lyrics, however, tend to be folk-oriented. Typical Runrig songs will mention locations or events that are unique to Scotland. The history and politics of Scotland (as-well-as its position within the United Kingdom) are also discussed in many songs. Another recurring theme involves an awareness of the natural world, along with many references to agriculture and land conservation.

In keeping with its cultural roots, Runrig sings about one-quarter of its songs in Scottish Gaelic, a native language of Scotland.

In 1973, Runrig began as a three-piece dance band, playing wedding receptions. The founding members were two brothers, Rory and Calum MacDonald, along with their friend Blair Douglas. The trio's first performance occurred at Kelvin Hall, in Glasgow.

Runrig soon evolved from its origin as a cover band, and in 1978, released its first studio album. Runrig's fifth album, released in 1987, marked the band's debut on a major label.

Since its inception, Runrig has endured many changes in its line-up, although brothers Rory and Calum MacDonald (the band's primary songwriters) have always been active members.

At present, Runrig's largest fan bases can be found in the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Germany. Since 1999, the band has gained attention in Canada, after Runrig hired Nova Scotia singer Bruce Guthro, as a replacement for their previous lead vocalist, Donnie Munro.