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Rodrigo y Gabriela stands out as a musical duo. These two musicians have already sold in excess of one million albums. The magnetic draw of the Mexican guitar remains a key reason for the success of so many Mexican musicians. With Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mexican guitar takes on a whole new dimension. Rodrigo and Gabriela's intense musical skill gives Flamenco a whole new sound. Yet, Flamenco is only one part of their musical soiree. Heavy metal and rock are given equal presentation in their performances. Classical Guitar - A New Wave of Sound Many classical guitar greats like Montoya influence Flamenco musicians. Rodrigo y Gabriela plays this influence forward by adding their personal vision and inspiration to their Flamenco sound. Not wishing to be stereotyped as singularly Flamenco guitarists, Rodrigo y Gabriela branch out to today's heavy metal and rock in their own inimitable style. What may have begun as a cult following for Rodrigo y Gabriela is today a successful entourage of fans who breathlessly await each new performance and album. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Classical Guitar without Limitations The proof of true musical talent is the ability of musicians to take traditional music and instruments, like classical guitar and create new styles that appeal to contemporary audiences, a natural emanation of musical depth and roots.