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Originally formed out of the University of Illinois in 1967, REO Speedwagon is a band that experienced both enormous amounts of musical popularity, as well as experiencing a somewhat often line up change. No matter which members joined and left the band the one thing that remained a constant throughout their career is the fact that REO Speedwagon made hit albums and singles that have made them one of rock's biggest bands of all time. From songs like "Can't Fight This Feeling", "One Lonely Night" and "Break His Spell", REO Speedwagon has proven to be a band that has made a lasting impact in the world of rock and roll. Throughout their amazing, long spanning career as a band, REO Speedwagon has played in concert while on tour to venues around the world. Although REO Speedwagon began their career so long ago, this band is still a very relevant band today. Here is the music video for REO Speedwagon's hit "Can't Fight This Feeling".