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The metal band Poison made their debut in 1986. Originally emerging from the streets of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Poison has been a bridge between the music sensibilities of the late 70's to the present. Poison, first and foremost is a bright, supercharged and "fun" metal band that adopted its signature look from the glam craziness of the 70's (via customized print spandex and big hair). The best examples of their music include the megahits "Nothin' But A Good Time", "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", "Something to Believe In" and "Unskinny Bop". Between 1986 and the mid 1990's Poison sold 30 million albums worldwide. These included 17 full albums and 28 made-for-media singles. They promoted themselves with Hollywood-style outlandishness and made monster labels Enigma, EMI, Capitol and Cyanide explode. Their concert tour history has attracted millions. All of the members of Poison are household, (and dormroom) names. Brett Michaels is one of the most popular metal band lead singers in history. Rikki Rocket brought drumming to new frontiers. Bobby Dall thundered on Bass. And C.C. Deville melted more faces than anyone can count with lead guitar. Though Poison has been rocked by scandal and health problems, they have been perennial favorites throughout the planet. They still tour and play a large festival whenever possible. Here is a great Poison music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC9P8-B42cA