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O.A.R., which stands for Of A Revolution, is an alternative rock jam band that was formed in 1996 by then Ohio State University students Marc Roberge, Jerry DiPizzo, Benj Gershman, Richard On and Chris Culos. O.A.R.'s first four albums, including The Wanderer and In Between Now and Then, won them popularity amongst college students around the country, but it wasn't until the 2000 release of their fifth album, Stories of a Stranger, that O.A.R. finally won mainstream musical success. Since 2000, O.A.R. has had a string of hit singles that began with the popular song "Love and Memories", which has helped O.A.R. evolve from a band that only played tiny clubs on college campuses to a band that sells out popular venues like Madison Square Garden. Since finding mainstream musical success, O.A.R. has found a loyal fanbase amongst the jamband community. Each night of their tour, O.A.R. plays in concert to fans who are excited to experience their more experimental blend of music that changes from show to show. In the past, O.A.R. has played both on their own tours and on the festival circuit to adoring fans who love O.A.R.'s special blend of alternative jam band rock. If you've never heard the music of O.A.R., here is the music video for the song that catapulted the band into mainstream musical success, "Love and Memories". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpea4Nlzs1U